How much horsepower does a 2004 Toyota Prius have?

Horsepower Torque
Base 5dr Sedan
0-60 Times: 12.7 sec; Quarter Mile: 18.6 sec;
Horsepower: 76hp
Torque: 82Lb-ft

The hp for any vehicle is broadly talked about - you may get it on TV adverts, whilst looking through a post regarding the car theme or perhaps spot one more banner ad on the street. The Prius was always known for producing its autos with stock options, regarding firstly basic safety and comfort. For that reason, your 2004 Prius is not going to be the leaving-out and the totality of its hp details one could quickly discover on our company`s website.

An automobilist could regard her or his 2004 Prius a high-efficiency auto merely if the whole weight will be relative to its power. For this purpose the larger hp pointer could reference increased speeding. And it is rational as your Prius may need so much power to speed up its distinct weight. Because of that, the band of our company`s car professionals scanned these materials for 2004 Prius and revealed them in operative charts. An automobile driver would meet in this article the hp with weight additionally to a lot of other vital features for your Prius productiveness.