Compare 2004 Toyota Prius Acceleration By Trims

0-60 Times Quarter Mile
Base 5dr Sedan
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 3795 lb; Curb Weight: 2890 lb; Payload Capacity: 905 lb;
0-60 Times: 12.7sec
Quarter Mile: 18.6sec

Salutations to every automobile lover, who loves paceful drives and wants to conceive which 2004 Prius is able to meet up with your expectations. Our team arranged a faithful book of instructions so that you can catch on from 0 to 60 mph test offshoot for unalike 2004 Prius in nice charts and tables. The complete bunch of materials was clustered from many loyal sources. But, additionally, take into consideration, that peculiar data touching each 2004 Prius may vary from report to report as a result of omniform causes.

It may be interesting for any car fan that generally, for many race autos and high-end sports automobiles from zero to sixty mph check-up may mark 2 to 3 seconds. As well, the common time in the US for from zero to 60 examination grow up to 8 secs. Specifically, once we are talking of small cars, this index will achieve about seven to nine seconds while for sports utility vehicles, it might be eight-nine secs.